Boss Digital Online Advertising Service Terms

Boss Digital’s digital strategists and media planners prepare a customsised Strategy and Advertising Campaign to achieve your goals and target KPIs within an agreed advertising budget provided.

You will pay Boss Digital for the setup of the Advertising Accounts agreed; be that one or a combination of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube Ads or TikTok Ads advertising platforms. This includes the cost of media production and copy writing to support the ad campaigns.

After setup is complete, Boss Digital will launch your advertising campaign and complete the testing phase, based on achieveing your conversion goals. You will only start paying Boss Digital for advertising management when your first conversion goals have been recorded i.e. when you first start to get leads, sales or conversions.


Setup Fees = Customised based on Client goals, requiements and advertising budget.

Management Fees = 15% Of Advertising Spend or a minimum fee of $8000 HKD per month. We also offer hybrid management fees if you are interested in a smaller base fee with a revenue share setup.

Management Fee Guarantee:

You will only start paying for the management fee when you start achieving results, by this we mean the first conversion be that a sale, or a lead or what ever the agreed KPIs is recorded. So there’s no risk to you!

Contract Term:

We’re that confident we will achieve your goals and KPIs when we agree on a trial partnership, which is why we offer our guarantee. If in any event you’re not happy with the results, you may fire us. To terminate the online advertising service, simply provide 30 days written notice.