Boutique Von Burg


Boss Digital was approached by Boutique Von Burg with a request to enhance their online branding, increase website traffic, and ultimately maximize sales for their boutique and luxury watches on their e-commerce website. They wanted to establish a stronger digital presence, attract a wider audience, and convert visitors into loyal customers.


Boss Digital prepared a tailored digital marketing strategy that aligned with Boutique Von Burg's brand identity and target audience. This strategy laid the groundwork for all subsequent actions, including Online marketing and Online advertising strategy & planning.

The website underwent a significant overhaul, with Boss Digital focusing on optimizing the user experience and aesthetics. This involved a seamless fusion of user-friendly navigation, visually appealing design elements, and responsive layouts. The outcome was a website that not only showcased the exquisite products but also provided an intuitive and engaging browsing experience.

Boss Digital conducted an onsite SEO audit, keyword research, and set up SEO best practices to improve the website's organic visibility in search engine results. This led to increased organic traffic and a broader reach among potential customers. To amplify the boutique's visibility and reach, Boss Digital executed targeted Google Advertising campaigns, including PPC advertising and remarketing. By leveraging carefully chosen keywords and compelling ad copy, Boutique Von Burg's products gained prominence in relevant search queries, driving valuable traffic to the website.

Additionally, Boss Digital created a monthly content planning and social media calendar to ensure consistent and engaging posts. Social media advertising campaigns, including competition promotions and AB testing, were meticulously set up to maximize their impact. Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns, in particular, resonated with the platforms' visually-oriented user base. These campaigns showcased Boutique Von Burg's luxury offerings through captivating visuals and persuasive messaging, resulting in increased brand awareness and engagement.


  • 298% increase in organic traffic
  • More than 1 million reaches through 1 month Facebook competition
  • Engagement rate increased by 203%
  • Online sales increased by 367% through Facebook, Instagram, Google Advertising and SEO


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