Are you struggling to keep your business up to speed with available digital technologies and solutions? You are not alone, digital technology is changing at speed and being aware of what technology to adopt and how to improve your business operations can be a challenging task. Boss Digital have a team of Digital Strategists that can help you develop a road map on how to tranform your business with a Digital Strategy.

What is a Digital Strategy?

A digital strategy is a type of business strategy that specifically looks at ways of improving business performance through the use of digital technologies and systems. It specifies the direction and road map an organisation will take to improve its competitive advantage and the tactics it will take.

How do you develop your Digital Strategy?

This all starts with auditing your business’s digital assets and identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We review the customer touch points and look at ways of improving your business model and operations during the customer experience, to improve overall business operations and performance with better technology.

Boss Digital have a team of Digital Strategists and IT experts that consult with businesses about digital transformation and how to adopt better technology to improve their business performance.

This may include creating a high-performing website, mobile apps, and systems that will enable businesses to improve their operations and customer experience, and serve and nurture their customers to improve their business performance.

Boss Digital also support businesses developing a Digital Marketing Strategy that is aligned with their Digital Business Strategy. Our seasoned online marketing professionals, plan, develop, and launch performance-driven marketing solutions that drives traffic and users to their digital assets and scales their business growth.

Digital Strategy

We audit your digital assets and identify ways to scale your business growth with better digital technology from websites, mobile apps, improved systems, and applications. After transforming your business digitally, we launch and grow your business with a range of digital marketing solutions.

Website Audit & Conversion Optimisation

We help businesses improve online growth by auditing their website, design, user experience, and web analytics, and highlight issues and opportunities that will improve their conversion rates and business growth. Following this, we re-design their digital assets with an improved design and user experience that will convert and serve users more easily.

Marketing Automation Consulting

We consult with businesses to plan, design and develop marketing automation systems that are set up to automatically communicate with your prospects and customers during each stage of their buying cycle at scale. Predictably plan and manage business growth.

How we create your digital marketing strategy

We use an agile approach with the RACE System

1. Plan

At the planning stage, the project plan is documented, project services and requirements are specified, and a project schedule is created. It is at this point that you define your objectives an strategy.

2. Reach

Reach is the process of increasing brand awareness of a company’s products and services on other websites and through offline media to increase traffic to various web presences such as your main website, webpages, and social media pages.

3. Act

The Act is a unique stage because online marketers face a significant problem stimulating interactions on websites and social media to create leads.


Convert is the process of converting a customer into a client. It entails persuading your audience to take the crucial next step of becoming future clients, whether through online e-commerce transactions or traditional methods.


Engage involves building a long-term relationship with first-time purchasersto increase customer lifetime value by using your website, social media presence, email, and direct encounters

The Benefits Of Working With Boss Digital

  • Certified Digital Strategists
  • Google Qualified Business Professionals
  • Microsoft Advertising Professionals
  • Facebook Advertising Experts
  • Team of UI & UX Designers
  • Information Architects
  • Marketing Automation Experts
  • Online Sales Funnel Consultants
  • A global team working on a performance-based approach
  • We charge based on results

Our recent works

Get A Free Website & Online Marketing Audit

If you have an existing website or mobile app that you would like to upgrade, one of the best first steps to undertake when planning to revamp or upgrade these assets, is it conduct a UX and UI audit, and review the current user behaviour of the traffic on your website or app. This will then highlight areas where you can improve, so you can re-design your website or app more intuitively to better achieve your goals. If you would like a free 15 min audit that will be conducted and presented by our team, get in touch with us below.

    Get A Free Website & Online Marketing Audit

    Discover 10 things you can do right now that will double your online revenue in 90 days

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      What our clients say

      I'm delighted to recommend Jonathan and his team at Boss Digital. They designed and developed an inspiring charity and donation website for the Box Of Hope of very high quality both in the creative and technical aspects. They also optimised the website for SEO. Boss Digital are hands on, hassle-free and seasoned professionals.
      Mildred van Beelen
      Box Of Hope, COO
      We've been working with Boss Digital for over 5 years and impressed with their work. They have helped with developing our online strategy, improving our website, and drive ongoing monthly leads that are important to our business through Google and Facebook advertising and Search Engine Optimisation activities. They communicate well, are analytical and provide great advise that ongoingly improves our campaigns. We highly recommend the team at Boss Digital!
      All Round Education Academy
      All Round Education Academy
      We have had the great pleasure to work with Boss Digital to revamp our website and to create a club Mobile App that allows us to serve our members more efficiently with facility and event booking tools, an e-shop and an online member account in the most attractive way possible. The membership feedback has been positive throughout and these new new membership tools are set up in such a way that they can be further expanded on, if need be.
      Kurt Walter
      General Manager, LRC
      We've worked with Boss Digital on Web Design, SEO and Online Advertising for Localiiz and have been impressed with their efforts and account management. They've improved our website features, technical optimization, visibility and achieved the goals we set in the online strategy. If you're looking for an agency with a strategic approach, then get in touch with Boss, they do great work.
      Tak Man
      Managing Director, Localiiz
      I’m impressed with the team at Boss Digital. They have optimised our online enquiries through landing page development and SEM marketing. The conversion rate has been healthy throughout the year and steadily improving each month.
      Nick Shiroi
      Taylor Brunswick Group
      one of Asia’s most dynamic, successful and strategic internet marketing agencies
      Simon Harrall
      We have been working closely with Boss Digital for some time and they offer good hands on service and value. They also designed a website pro bono for a charity we are involved in, for which we are extremely grateful
      Matt Reid
      Maximal Concepts
      Boss Digital are our strategic partner for all our digital marketing requirements; the success of which has been due to their collaborative structured approach and innovative outlook. They worked with us on how to improve our business online, identified opportunities, and took us through each step to achieve our online goals.
      Mark Gatenby
      Boss Digital are a pleasure to work with, they are professional, delivered an excellent website and provide a great ongoing service as a digital partner.
      Alex Porra
      Maxx Weld
      Great partners, very professional, easy to work with and good results! Boss Digital do amazing work.
      Sophie Birgitt
      I like working with the team at Boss Digital, every month we meet, discuss, and put ideas together to make the website and online marketing enquiries better! It's a two way and open commination. グレート!
      Deirdre Yam
      One Heart Wedding

      Why choose Boss digital

      We’re Certified Professionals
      Certified Java, React JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, Microsoft developers, Adobe XD UI Designers. Certified Google Partner, Google Analytics Specialists, ADMA Digital Marketing Strategists.
      We Build Partnerships
      We only work on projects where we believe in the vision and can make it work together in partnership with our clients.
      We’re Analytical
      We thrive on numbers, and are experts when it comes to web analytics, app analytics, campaign metrics, reporting and studying the ROI of online marketing
      We’re Transparent
      Our goals are aligned with our clients. We’re transparent on sharing all data we can view from our tools on how to get to your goals and any issues that need addressing along the way.
      We Make It Happen
      We have a “Can Do” attitude and have an agile approach when it comes to analysing, planning and optimising technology and marketing projects.
      best customer support
      We value our customers and focus on providing personalized service, sound project management, and excellent customer support.

      Book a 30-minute strategy meeting valued at $2000 HKD for free


      WHO IS THIS FOR: This strategy meeting is for people serious about setting up their business digitally to accelerate growth online. We’ll be your power force behind creating the road map, websites, apps, and systems, and launching performance marketing to accelerate your business growth. We will need your full commitment and a clear understanding of your business goals. If you are ready for this, then hit the button and book your FREE strategy call now. Please note our Digital Strategists have limited spots available each month for free 30-min strategy sessions, so we suggest you book quickly.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      If you have a specific question in mind, feel free to email us at [email protected]
      What Digital Marketing Strategy Services do you offer?

      We provide Digital Strategy, Website Audit & Converstion Optimisation, and Marketing Automation services for our Digital Marketing service.

      What does a digital marketing strategy cover?

      In digital marketing, there are three pillars. They are as follows: 1. User-Journey The user journey is the first pillar of digital marketing. The customer’s encounter and interaction with your brand across all digital and non-digital channels shape emotions and impressions of your brand. It usually begins with awareness and finishes with the purchase or advocacy (loyalty) stage. 2. Digital Channels Digital marketing channels are the second pillar of digital marketing. A marketing channel is a means that businesses employ to engage with customers or convey messages. Digital channels are outlets for your customers to learn about your business and what it offers in digital marketing. This is where your users (traffic) originate from. 3. Content creatives Content creatives are the third pillar of digital marketing. Your brand creates and markets content in visual visuals, text, and videos that your customers interact with and digest.The following are examples of creatives:

      • Ad banners
      • Ad videos
      • Ad in text format
      While content can be found in the following formats:
      • Articles for the blog
      • Videos that explain things
      • Infographics

      Why is having a digital marketing strategy important?

      A digital marketing strategy is a must-have for any company. Creating a digital marketing strategy will assist you in determining what makes your company special and how to communicate with your target clients using a range of digital media. A thorough and methodical approach to developing your digital marketing strategy will help you discover new opportunities and expand your reach. You can design a more effective marketing plan by focusing on a target audience and determining that group’s requirements, interests, and pain points.

      How can I be sure what types of digital marketing activities to do?

      Digital marketing refers to a wide range of marketing strategies and techniques used to reach out to customers over the internet. It has transformed the marketing business into an online marketing method that allows organizations to develop a brand identity. The following categories can be used to categorize digital marketing: Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Pay-per-Click, Marketing Analytics, Paid search, and Display advertising.

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